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Since having my baby girl, getting around to Tumblr has been a little difficult. I have the app on my tablet of course but it doesn’t work very well. The posts take forever to load, if they load at all. It’s probably because my wifi router sucks. However, Pinterest and everything else under the sun loads just fine.

I’ve been posting my funnies and whatnot on my Pinterest. Please don’t view me as a traitor as I would much rather be using Tumblr but getting to the computer is damn near impossible with my little girl becoming so awake and needy. What’s up with that, am I right?!

So, if you would still like to see posts of cats, funny gifs, DIY, family & baby stuff, home decor and FOOD… find me HERE on Pinterest!


me every time there is a cat regardless of the situation (via sail-across-the-universe)

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This cat is me.

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paoin train comic

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Did he just make a feminist period joke?

oh my god someone buy that man a beer

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Behind the gif

I have a pictures of my friends and I that pretty much looks exactly like this.


this cat is so big

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waking up after accidentally taking a 4 hour nap